Friday, January 25, 2008

New Year; New You

Ringing in a new year we traditionally focus our intentions on dreams, personal goals, and resolutions. But what about this year brings anything different that the last? How will you move from fat to thin, poor to wealthy, messy to clean, etc.? Of all the ways we resolve to change it is common to fall short. Many times we resolve the same goal over and over again to no avail.

I find my clients often enter the 10-series with a sense of hope and anticipation toward greater health; an intent to use Rolfing as a stepping stone for greater health and personal change. I love to see this in new clients and am always amazed and blessed to share in this process with you.

With a new year at hand, there is change in the air. Making time for yourself to allow the changes, setting a distinct vision for your change, taking small steps that lead toward a culmination in the large change you want are all keys. I would be honored to have another client for whom personal change is at the forefront from January to December, this is one of the continual sources of inspiration for me in Rolfing work.

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