Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ida Rolf - A Quote

This is a great quote, revealing how Ida linked all aspects of life. Her unique gift for seeing the body in the context of the human condition.

"Old religions used to teach you to sit or kneel and always rock, gently but definitely rock. When you rock, you swing from prevertebral to postvertebral muscle. You'd see the same thing with sailors in the more active days of the war. You'd go down the street and you'd see a man in uniform, but you'd know without checking the uniform wheter that man was a seaman or a landman. The landman went down rolling- from the prevertebral to the postvertebral, the prevertebral to the posvertebral. He may not have had what we would call a really balanced gait, but he did use that alternation which kept the whole body at its peak. And they do this in many religious rituals. So much of ritual, if you look at it in the light of what you know of physiology, can be seen as a form of preventive medicine."

from, "Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality"
edited with an Introduction by Rosemary Fetis, 1987